Faber-Castell was kind enough to send me an array of craft kits to review recently, and last night I spent HOURS going through all of them! And I’ll give one away to one of you. Just leave a comment at the end of this post sharing your favorite and i’ll choose one name next week to receive a kit!

Craft kits from Faber-Castell!

Rock painting

I didn’t even know where to start with these craft kits so I went with the Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit! I thought the rocks would be fun to paint and give away to friends! The kit is super cool because not only does it comes with the paints, rocks, and brushes, but also little stickers to attach to the rocks. That way you can leave them and when people find them they can upload a picture to social media.


You can apply decals that come in the kit or freestyle, which is what I did!

Some of my finished rocks!
I’m super excited to try these – jumbo brush pens that work on stamps as well as lettering.

Watercolor lettering

Next, I moved on to the Watercolor Lettering Kit. This is what I really need to practice! It comes with three brush pens, watercolor tubes, practice paper, and a guidebook.

I love using watercolors for lettering, I’m determined to get this perfected!
I sketched out my design on watercolor paper and then went over it with the watercolors and brush.

Share the love!

I chose this phrase to represent how important it is to connect with others. If you’re in a good mood, pay it forward in little ways – a smile, a greeting, simple acknowledgments go a long way! I ended up painting the mat frame as well!

I used the watercolors on the lettering, and then the mat frame, I then went over the colored areas with accents using one of the pens included in the kit.
I can never leave anything simple, I always have to embellish!


Two of the kits featured Gelatos – these are gourmet crayons used for mixed media. I found them to be kinda intimidating, but I know I’ll get used to them the more I use them. They are one of those tools that has so many uses and techniques, it’s hard to know where to start.

I tried a few things – first I used one to tint the edge of a card, which looked cool. Then I tried them on black cardstock through my Crafty Chica stencils – and wow, it came out really nice!

You can also rub a bit on scratch paper and then apply a water brush and use them as watercolors. I’m thinking you could also slice off a bit and mix it into gel medium or gesso for tinting. I’ll def be experimenting with these in my journal!

And that’s a wrap, that’s a lot of crafting, right? Leave a comment below if you want to be entered to win the Marbling Kit – it’s super cool too!

Thank you to Faber-Castell for allowing me to test these out these craft kits, they now have a happy home in my studio!

Love & light,