Concha-inspired holiday ornaments

Don’t these look good enough to eat? One day while walking through the craft store, I dismissed these glass bulbs because I’ve made so many of them in the past. Just as I made it past the display, feeling good that I didn’t get sucked in…the idea of using Puffy Paint to make concha ornaments popped into my head.

Then I ended up filling my cart with about 12 boxes of the ornaments.

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Anyway – at least they turned out wonderful! I made a video showing the process, but there’s a trick. I found an everyday tool to make the perfect indention into the paint to make it looked like baked good. You’ll have to watch the video to see! ūüėČ

SUPPLIES (found at most craft stores):

Glass or plastic bulbs, the flatter ones

Watered down white glue

Gold glitter

Pink Puffy Paint

Indentation tool (see video)

Crystal glitter

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Concha ornaments

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! Let’s all go make a gazillion of these!

Love & light,

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