I’m so proud of these boho-inspired washi tape happiness candles. Why? Because I became addicted to washi tape late last year and had been hoarding ROLLS and ROLLS of it in my studio. Especially this collection. I bought five sets on sale at Michaels during the holidays. I’ve been using them sparingly because the verbiage it so wonderful, all uplifting affirmations.

Then today I thought – if I really love the meanings of the phrases, I should be sharing them nd showing them off! So I loaded up Hulu on my TV and went to work. These are super easy because all you need are assorted washi tape rolls (the more contrast the better), and candles from the dollar store.

Here’s a link to the video I made:

The tapes I used are from the Michaels Recollections line. I bought them for $9.99, plus my coupon. So worth it! I’m going to go washi tape crazy now, just wait and see!

Once I finished wrapping the candles – one horizontal, the other vertical – I wrapped twine around the top and added a jump ring with some charms. Hearts and sparkles of course!

If you don’t want to have “lighted” candles, you can simply drop in a battery-operated tea light inside. The power comes from your heart’s intention. 

Here is the secret to these candles: The whole time you make them, think about the things that make you happy in your life and the things you want to have more of in your life. Things that will make you feel all warm and gooey inside.   If you don’t have washi tape, you can use ribbon too! Or even scrapbook paper or any other trims. Thanks for checking out my project! Sooo, I wanna know…are you addicted to washi tape too? If so, what are your favorite washi tape crafts?

Love & light,