I love it when I get samples in the mail of new craft products! I recently received some of Faber-Castell’s Gelatos as part of the ICE Resin blog hop this week! I gave them a spin with making a simple mixed media greeting card – with an ICE Resin pendant tucked inside!
ICE Resin bezel, small trinkets and ICE Resin 2-part mix.
Assorted Gelatos
Blank greeting cards
Craft Attitude Film
Aleene’s Tacky Spray

The Gelatos remind me of a cross between a crayon and lipstick. They come in all kinds of colors and look like a tube of lip balm. The hues are extremely concentrated and they can be blended dry or mixed with water or gel medium for a variety of effects.

I used every color I received and scribbled on the front of a blank card.

I then used the blending tool to give them a little artsy smear. I love how there is no drying time for the way I used them!

Next, I printed an illustration I drew and applied it the front of the card. I used a sheet of Craft Attitude, printed it backwards. Then I cut out the image and sprayed the ink side with Aleene’s Tacky Spray. You press it on the paper face down, burnish with your fingers and peel away the backing and it’s done! I love how vibrant the colors shine through the image. Next, I thought I’d add a little gift inside the card. I used a dimensional adhesive dot to apply an Ice Bezel pendant I made.

This is a great sentiment for inside a card – a necklace pendant! The recipient can pop it off and wear it!

I think next time I’ll try mixing the Gelatos into the resin to see how that works, I bet it would come out really cool. I also want to mix some Ice Resin and drip it down the Gelatos to see if moves the color. Maybe mix in some extra fine glitter too!

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