I’ve always wanted to tackle making a Mexi-style embroidered blouse, but who has the time? So, um, I cheated! I used Puffy Paint on a T-shirt! And you know what? I love how it turned out!
First thing – find an inspiration photo online, or use a Mexican-embroidered blouse you have already. Pre-wash your shirt. I used a 20-pack of Puffy Paint because I wanted all the bright colors!


Next, insert freezer paper or a shirt form between the shirt’s layers. This is so the paint won’t stick to the other side. Next, fold your shirt in half, width wise, it’ll make it easier to add these designs.


Dive in! Start in the center and work your way out. Follow the patterns on your inspiration piece. Basically, draw green vines with little pedal-shaped leaves.

Keep going until you have all the front panel filled. You can add trim on the collar.


Let it dry overnight, and maybe even add a sign that says: “Do not touch, wet paint!”


Once it’s all dry, remove the paper from inside the shirt and enjoy!


To wash, turn inside out, hang dry, do not put in the dryer!



Love & light,