I do a lot of fabric collage, especially when it comes to my art purses. Instead of always going for plain old fabric, I’ll construct my own from scraps or contrasting prints. Here’s how I do it…

  For this specific design, I used black and white batik fabric, as well as colored batik. I cut the pieces into long strips and sewed them together, alternating the patterns. That wasn’t all! I then sewed black yarn on the colored fabric, and maroon on the black and white.

This is how it looks from behind. I still need to press my seams!

Here’s a close  up shot. It works beautifully for adding appliques or for use with wearable sewing patterns or making backdrops!

 Here I used my fabric on a collage pillow. (Sorry for the icky photo)
And here, I used it as the bottom of the apron!


Love & light,