As of 4 p.m. this past Saturday, I’m done with events for 2012! Actually I do have one more on Dec 21, but aside from that, I’m done!
I came home from our Phx Frida Trunk Show and collapsed on the bed, I had been going non-stop since September. Not only appearances, but also prepping showstopper dresses and a photo booth wall for the upcoming CHA show, 19 pieces for a show at Barrio Cafe, teaching an online class at night, not to mention my new mug business. No complaints here, it’s been a wild ride and I’ve learned so much. Aside from filling mug orders, I can finally kick back and enjoy the season…and get caught up on my blogging. I haven’t posted a tutorial in a while, I’m antsy to get rolling again!

Here are some pics from this weekend – oh and I now have an official “mug” page that shows where they are being sold!

Friday afternoon I started with 40 mugs and by Saturday at 4, I had ZERO!!
I’m so happy I found my groove with these mugs, I just finished another 17 of them tonight, I had to stop because I’m leaving for a week in Fresno first thing in the morning. I hope to get some up for sale on Etsy very soon!

Here are glittered stenciled portraits I made for Barrio Cafe, I cut stencils of Carmen Miranda, Selena, Frida,  and Rita Moreno.

Happy Monday to all of you (It’s my birthday!!!!)!

Stay tuned for holiday craft ideas coming this week!

Love & light,

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