This week I’m spotlighting one of the busiest painters around, Lupe Flores. I’ve been following her work for a few years now, and am thrilled/honored that she is now part of my Inspiration Friday series!

Lupe has mastered what so many artists strive for – a striking signature style. Combine the eeriness of Tim Burton, the doe-eyed innocence of a Blythe doll, delivered with the power of a saucy Lola Beltran ballad…and you have scratched the paint palette of Lupe’s work. Well, in my opinion, anyway.

Lupe always has an exhibit going on somewhere and I’m excited that Arizona is on her list. This Saturday is the closing reception for the Vision Gallery’s Dia de los Muertos exhibit, and Lupe has four paintings in the show. (I also must mention that there is a muertos fiesta that day too, as well as another exhibit at XICO. So you can come down and see dozens of Arizona artists’ work, eat some pan dulce and enjoy the beautiful weather!)

OK, now on to Lupe! In the interview, she shares insight, inspiration and tips for us all. Visit her web site at, and her Etsy shop, Lupe, if you had to describe your artwork in three movie titles, what would they be?
Lupe Flores: The Addams Family meets Frida meets El Ataud del Vampiro.

CC: You have such a defined signature style. When did you discover it and how did you make the most of it?
LF: Since I was young, I knew what kind of art I wanted to do. My interest in the unusual, unique and insipid inspired my creative bugs… That I started expressing myself in any way possible. My art style has been refined with time and I have enjoyed the my evolution process.

CC: Do you ever hit a creative block and if so, how do you break through?
LF: Yes I do, and when I do I just take a break to let my creative mind refresh itself. I keep a small sketch pad with me where I draw quick doodles, sketches and write down ideas so when I do get blocked I have my lil sketch book to turn to.

CC: What is the message you want to share through your art?
LF: I want to share a piece of me… my soul and give them a sneak peek of what’s inside of me.. my culture, traditions, inner thoughts.

CC: Do you celebrate Dia de los Muertos in your home?
LF: Every year at home we do a small altar with pictures of our dearly departed and decorated with ofrendas. During Day of the dead we pray el Rosario at night and afterwards we enjoy some delicious day of the dead bread from our local panaderia. Day of the dead is a day to celebrate not mourn… Is to sing and celebrate the dead to honor life.

CC: What advice do you have for artists?
LF: Be yourself. Love what you do. Your style is by being yourself. If painting colored curvy lines is what excites you.. DO IT! Have fun. And don’t be scared if your art doesn’t look like that artist or that one…. Remember different is good it what sets you apart.

CC: What is the craziest commission piece you’ve had?
LF: I received an email from a Lady from Australia that wanted a headless rag doll. Not so crazy for me but it sure made my mom looked at me weird when I told her. I had fun chopping the head off.

CC: Do you ever have any reject pieces, what happens to them?
LF: Yes I do… I have a couple of rejects hanging around my art room waiting for their departure. Some of them find homes, others get to stay on my walls but sometimes others are reused.

CC: What do you do while you paint?
LF: It depends on what art project I’m working on. When I was painting for Vision a Gallery in Arizona for a Day of the Dead Art show I surrounded myself with festive, folkare music to set the mood. But sometimes I am so focused, the only thing I need to do is paint.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,

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