PHOTO: Gift box I made with my very own glittered fabric!

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to the sparkly stuff. To me, glitter is a metaphor for life. The more sparkle the better. Especially when it comes to crafts!

Last year while working away at Duncan Enterprises headquarters, my co-workers turned me onto huge rolls of glittered canvas. These colorful backdrops have become regular fixtures in our house. I use them for all kinds of photos, but it’s been hard to even consider cutting them for craft projects. I was determined to make my own!

I found a successful method and I’m divulging it here, only if you promise to only use my Crafty Chica glitter because it looks the best (IMO!!!). This is a small piece, but you can coat huge pieces as well to make amazing, flexible, sewable, durable, not-very-flaky fabric.

TIP: I used a heavy white craft glue. I experimented with different types, and Aleene’s Tacky worked best. Very thick and ultra sticky.

While the glue is still wet, pour a thick row of glitter across the top and then move the fabric so it flows down and covers the rest of the wet canvas. Let it dry for an hour, and then take it outside and seal with HIGH GLOSS SPRAY VARNISH. This is what makes it usable and keeps the glitter sealed in. You can also use Aqua Net Hairspray if you don’t have high gloss spray varnish. Here is a little video so you can see how cool it looks!

Here is an applique I made with my glitter fabric. Stay tuned because I have other projects coming up.


Love & light,

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