Welcoming a new year is a really big deal – so why settle for wearing a cheap paper hat at midnight?


Instead, opt for this DIY tiara where you can add in a little manifestation! Especially because these days we are all about owning our power and celebrating our strengths. Put together your own statement and glue it to your crown – and wear it proudly on December 31st.

I made this for my friend Monique, she just turned 40 and plans to whip up grand, exciting life changes for 2019. I told her about chingona magic – being brave enough to face fears, knowing they lead to a bright future. Trusting in your past as a foundation for your future.

She was game!


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Whipped this up today – make your own Chingona Magic power crown for New Year’s Eve! Rather than wear a paper hat, why not craft up a sparkly and enchanting headpiece? You can exit 2018 in style and go into 2019 with strong vibes! I have several letter boards, and lots of letters. If you do not want to use these type of letters you can find other sets at the craft store. Start with a plastic tiara and wrap it with yarn or fabric and simply hot glue the words of your choice onto your crown! Embellish with crystals, feathers, gems, or rhinestone trim. I used all of them! Celebrate your chingona magic 🎉🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️ Thank you to @moni_mochacha_mata for modeling on short notice! She always comes through! 😍

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You could even put your word of the year on your crown and wear it proudly, or heck, even just your name!

SUPPLIES for this DIY tiara

Plastic tiara from the party store

Small letters (letter beads, letterboard, Scrabble tiles, etc)

Ribbon or yarn

Sparkle yarn


Hot glue



Wrap the tiara with the yarn or ribbon, then the sparkle yarn. Tie off on the ends. Test out the letters for proper spacing, then once you like the arrangement, hot glue them in place. Add embellishments!

Wear and enjoy!

Special thanks to my friend Monique for modeling this for us! She embodies chingona magic through and through!

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