Crafty Chica mug painting

I always have people ask me to show a video of painting my mugs, so I finally put one together! I used Duncan Concepts and bisque mugs. I hope to buy a wheel someday so I can throw and make my own mugs, but until then, bisque it is!

Duncan Concept underglazes for cermaics

I finally got myself organized and put all my ceramic painting supplies on one rolling cart. This way I can pull it to my side as I work, and roll it back behind me when I’m done. so much easier!

Anyway, I start with bisque mugs and clean them with a damp sponge to remove any dust or debris.

Then I add three coats of the underglaze colors, that way they will fire to a bright, opaque look.

They look super pastel, but wait until they are fired!

Here’s my video where I talk through the process.

MUG GIVEAWAY: Watch the video and leave a comment on my YouTube video page and I’ll randomly choose one name next week and send out a mug. To show appreciation for you guys reading and following my artful adventures here at!

Crafty Chica's mugs Crafty Chica's mugs

Don’t forget – I also sell my mugs in my Etsy store!

Crafty Chica's mugs

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