Love and luck should be all year round, piece-by-piece, day-by-day. So I made these mixed media St. Patrick’s Day frames with that in mind. They are green for the special day, but you can keep them out all year round on display. I printed out quotes, but you can use pictures from your night out or vacation. Didn’t they come out so cool?

Pick up some wood frames, mosaic pieces, and grout. You’ll need extra strength adhesive to glue down the mini-tiles and whatever other pieces you use. Let dry and then mix the grout. Wear plastic gloves and rub the grout between the open spaces.

Use a damp sponge to wipe away the excess. Keep wiping until any residue is gone.

Enjoy your frames! I hope they bring you lots of good luck! I inserted quote art inside of mine to remind me to stay positive!

Love & light,