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I Heart Taco Ornaments by Crafty Chica

These ‘I Heart Tacos’ ornaments are a result of me buying too many glittered balls on sale Thanksgiving night, then wanting to decorate them all in one sitting. Hello, Puffy Paint! Even though I was just goofing around, I LOVE  how cute these turned out! I almost wasn’t going to share them because I thought they might be too goofy, but you know what? This blog is my outlet to share everything that crosses my art table – big and small!

All I used was glittered glass ball ornaments and Puffy Paint. I would definately practice on paper first to make sure you get your size and spacing down. If you are using smooth ornaments, you can wipe off mistakes, but glitter is unforgiving because the paint will stick. And you always have to use short words and phrases.

Here are some others I made!

Mexican meme ornaments

Viva la Vida



Tamal Mama


Menudo Por Vida

Feliz Navidad

Mi Amor

I took these to sell at a holiday show and the I Heart Tacos were the first to sell! Of the six dozen I made, these are the leftovers. I think these would be great not only on your tree, but also as a gift topper or strung as garland. At the event, I loved watching people read them and laugh out loud!

Love & light,

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