Here are 12 ways to make an art journal! No matter what time of the year, month, week or day, I’m always in the mood to create a new book by hand. There is something so captivating about building a collection of blank pages, ready to be filled with ideas, thoughts, drawings, sketches and whatever else. I happened to be looking online for new ideas for my next art journal project when I decided to put together a round-up so we can all get inspired together!

I’ve also mixed in some of my favorite projects I’ve made throughout the years. When I do make a new journal, I’ll make sure to share the tutorial here!

Click on the titles for the links.

1. Record Album Scrap Page Journal

For this one, I gathered up all sizes of leftover paper pieces and incorporated them into this book. I made three signatures and glued them inside a record album that I cut to size.


Here’s a video I made about it!

2. Art Journal Made From Cardboard, Muslin, Paper and String – The fabric really makes these come alive!

3. Journals made from cereal boxes, by Bee-Inspired – Everyone has these supplies on hand. I can’t believe how clean this looks, so beautiful!

4. Ribbon Trimmed Composition Book – A.k.a Mexi-Boho style! If you don’t feel like making a book from scratch, simply use ribbon and glue to the front of a blank book or journal and you are good to go!


5. Composition Book-Turned-Journal – This is freaking amazing! Ashley from Lil Blue Boo took an old school composition book and transformed it into a mixed media art journal.

6. Bliss Book – Find a random book, blank or otherwise and decorate at will. Just make sure you fill it with all the things in life that bring you bliss. Then when you are  having a down day, you can go back and look at it and get cheered up!


7. Quick and Easy Journal by Jen of Eve Designs – If you want to get going on something fast so you can get to the fun part of decorating, check out this tutorial!

8. Mini Journals by Flop Cloud – These are so cute, you can fit them in the palm of your hand!

9. Stenciled Scrapbook Paper Journal – If you want to skip the blank pages, here is a great way to add texture. My inspiration was the gorgeous handmade papers from India!

10. Cloth Journal by Ayala Art – Whether you want to make this project or not, it’s just plain fun to watch! She goes to great lengths to make this beautiful book!

11. Resin-Covered Journal – I poured resin on wax paper to create a large sheet, then cut it up to make book covers! I used all kind sof papers inside!


12. Junk Journal by Sugar – This is the journal I want to make! OMG, so cool!

Which one is your favorite?

Love & light,