I think everyone needs corazónes for their casa! I happen to collect them as well as make them. I love that I can look around my house and be surrounded by beautiful hearts that represent universal love and flames of hope. The bases of these painted corazónes I made are from the Relics and Artifacts Collection, by Sandra Evertson. I met Sandra earlier this year at the craft convention and fell in love with all her resin items that are perfect for mixed media art and crafting! After the show, she was so kind and sent me samples to play with!


Real talk – I had anxiety at first. I could barely open the package because they so pretty as-is! Then, I went for it! Aren’t they gorgeous? I really appreciate the texture of these, they are porous and will hold inks, paint, marker and shine beautifully after adding varnish. I’m sure you can even glue fabric or decoupage on them as well. Juicy! They even come with eyepins at the top, but they can be easily removed.


Here are the supplies I used to make these!

Rising Spirit Collection from Relics and Artifacts

Craft paints

Wood pieces

e6000 Adhesive

High gloss spray varnish


Before I painted anything, I glued my wood bases together.


Then I glued on the pieces.


For the wings, I used a low tack tape to hold them in place and I let them dry overnight.


I also glued in a little picture of Frida in the window of this heart.


Base coat all the things! Let dry!


I also added some of my illustrations.

relics-artifacts-hearts9 relics-artifacts-hearts10

Once everything was painted, I started embellishing. This is where the pieces come to life! I used hot pink and orange for the flames. I also used decal paper with an excerpt from one of my writing projects. I used a fine tip liner brush to paint flowers on the front of the heart.


For this one, I wanted it to be a ring holder, stand, shrine kind of thing. My husband looked at is and said, “What a cool little chair!”

Ay, he gets me everytime.

So it can be whatever you want!


The last part – high gloss varnish, baby! This is what really makes it all pop! Let dry between coats and don’t touch it for about an hour, that way there won’t be any fingerprints!


For this one, I used a rose I made from bread dough! I made a bunch of them a while back and saved them in a Ziploc, good thing I did, they came in handy!


Here they are!

frida-shrine relics-artifacts-hearts19a relics-artifacts-hearts23 relics-artifacts-hearts26

Love & light,