I’m not big on psychics. Yes, I believe there are people who have special abilities and insights, but I’ve never really embraced any of that. It scares me a little, I feel like I’d be cheating if I were to go to a fortune teller. I don’t want to know the future, I want it to be served to me day-by-day, dish-by-dish. And to reach out to loved ones who have passed? I get chills just thinking about it. Anything that sounds too good to be true has to have a catch.

But recently I learned that sometimes that spirit energy comes to you. Even if you are not looking or asking. This is the story of how I accidentally connected with my dad through a psychic.

On Periscope!

You know, the live streaming app?

Sounds crazy, I know. This is how it went down: One boring Saturday while working away on my blog in my room, Maya strolled in and plopped down on my bed. Something had captivated her on her iPhone, because she couldn’t look away. She giggled, and then burst into laughter. From her smartphone speaker I heard this really crabby lady telling someone off. Turns out, our friend George from SofritoForYourSoul.com, had shared a psychic’s live Periscope to all of his followers. Maya received the notification and thought, what the heck, and peeked in. Periscope does that to you, it lures you to destinations you normally wouldn’t consider.

This psychic lady was a riot. Still typing away on my keyboard, but also listening, I deciphered her attempt to give a live reading to a follower, but the internet connection kept cutting out. Maya read me the comments out loud. It was a girl who was trying to connect with her mother who had died from a head injury in a car accident. And when the connection did work, the girl was not following directions. People started to crack jokes on the live comment stream because the psychic would say , “F*CK YOU! Get lost, loser!”

The psychic lady became highly frustrated and finally shut it down. “This is not working, you need to go. Sorry. This is over. Bye,” she said.

The girl was not happy. She begged the psychic to keep going, but the psychic was like, “No. I’m not feeling it, goodbye!”

I couldn’t take it anymore! I stopped working and slid next to Maya on the bed. I also signed on to Periscope on my iPhone and joined in the awkward fun. There, side by side on the bed, we held up our phones and gasped at the drama unfolding. We couldn’t look away. Maya and I both burst out in laughter because this chick was so brazen! She scolded the mean commenters and appeared to be majorly pissed off. She said she needed to clear the energy from that last reading and proceeded to pick up a small figurine, take a deep breath, and held it up to the camera to show us. “Look, isn’t this cute?”

She put the figurine back on the shelf and explained she hated doing live readings over Periscope because there were so many variables and interruptions. She cleared her throat, ran her fingers through her long black hair, and proclaimed she felt ready to start a new reading.

“Post right now if you are interested,” she calmly directed.

A fast stream of comments flooded up the screen. Hundreds of people were now tuned in. Maya and I looked at each other, shrugged and said, “Why not?” We each posted a comment, not at all expecting to be picked. Sure enough, we watched our profile pics get buried in the fast-moving sea of replies.

“CRAFTY CHICA!” the psychic called out.

I gasped! Maya and I leapt up on the bed simultaneously! My hands fumbled my phone, it almost fell from my hands onto my tile floor. She picked ME. Out of all those people! Even though I felt surprised, in my gut…I really wasn’t. I had this super chill feeling like this was meant to be at this very moment. I collected myself, sat up straight and went with it. I don’t even know how to describe it, I didn’t even give it a second thought. It felt very natural.

“Crafty Chica, there is someone you want to connect with, right? Just answer yes or no, do not give me any more info. And to everyone watching, DO NOT comment during this reading. I need it to be clear, only between me and Crafty Chica.”

“Yes.” I replied.

“A family member,” she said.


“Your father.”


She closed her eyes and announced that this was a very clear connection. Her tone completely changed from earlier.

“He’s here.”

We continued our conversation, all I could say was yes or no to her comments. I did my best to embrace the opportunity, but a  big part of me was saying, “Don’t believe it, it’s just a scam, this is so stupid.”

Then she said he passed of something around his chest. I said yes (he had cancer of the lining of his organs and the final damage took place around his lungs.)

I still kept up my guard.

She then paused and said, “OK. He said he passed very peacefully, very fast, no pain, exactly the way he wanted to go. He felt very loved and felt that he had completed everything he wanted to do in his life. He felt very fulfilled, he wants you to know that.”

This is the moment I knew sh*t just got real.

The day before my dad passed, we were in ER and the doctors told us that even though he seemed to be doing fine, he needed to go to hospice because of the cancer growths that were beyond repair. They surrounded his lungs. The doctor said he was surprised my dad was up and about, still active like nothing was wrong. They had him stay the night to be monitored. The hospital had a brand new area area they had just opened and they put my dad in a giant, brand-new room. It was the Lexus of hospital suites! We all hung out there with him as he got settled. He joked with all of us, trying to lift our spirits. We chuckled with him, even though we all wanted to crumble at any moment in what was to come. We left to allow him have a good night’s sleep so we could take him to hospice the next day.

At the beginning of his cancer story, he had to have a leg removed. He stayed at a rehab facility for several weeks until he healed. The place was nice, but he sure hated being under constant surveillance! The day we picked him up for home, the friendly staff loaded him in my sister’s car, he offered a generous thank you, waved goodbye, then shut the door, threw his hands in the air and cheered, “I’M FREEEE!!!”

We all knew he dreaded going back to a place like that. But that’s what had to be done because of his condition. We kissed and hugged him goodbye for the night. “See you tomorrow!” we sang out, waving bye. “OK, see you tomorrow!” he said, waving back.

Early the next morning, my sister called for us to go see my dad. We got to his room, but before we entered, the nurse said he woke up super cheery, he joked about something or other and she left the room to go get something, and when she came back he had passed. Just like that. We took it hard at the time, but after time passed, I realized that he left this Earth in a beautiful room, our kisses still on his forehead, no hospice, and from one moment to the next. And he even left a smile on the nurse’s face with his personality! Exactly the way he wanted to go.

So those memories flashed through my mind while this psychic lady talked to me. She said that he said he likes where he is at, it’s good, but very different than what he expected, but he was very happy.

Then she said, “He doesn’t want to talk anymore about that. He’s happy, he’s good, there’s nothing else to say about it.”

THAT is exactly like my dad. Not to dwell on things, just get to the point and move on.

She said that he said to tell me that I was right about a lot of things I believe in, and to keep going on the path I’m on, that he is very proud of me.

By this time, I’m sobbing and replying, “Yes.”

Then she said, “Your mom is still alive.”

I replied, “Yes.”

“He has a message for her, but he said you can’t tell her it came from me. She doesn’t believe in people like me. He said to say he spoke to you in a dream.”


She told me the message, which I won’t share here because I still haven’t shared it with my mom. All I can say, is it was on point with everything going on in our lives, and what he would say if he was still alive.

Then she told me that he wanted to tell me that he was very sorry for something that happened between us many years ago. That he had lived with the regret his whole life and always felt bad, but at the time, he didn’t know better, he was doing his best to be what he thought was being a good parent.

I knew exactly what she spoke of. It was during my high school years. There was a time period when I was constantly fighting with my dad about our differences, house rules, friends I wanted to hang out with, curfew, all of that teen angst stuff. A couple times the arguments really escalated! As rocky as that period was, we all stayed strong as a family and time passed and we never brought up those memories. I never thought bad of him at all because now as a parent, I think I would have gotten frustrated with me too! In my young adult and adult years, my dad always went above and beyond to help me. He always gave me the benefit of the doubt, always stood up for me, always gave me the words I needed to hear. He saved my butt in so many ways!

So hearing these words really made my heart melt, I felt like it helped me see a deeper level to our relationship. To think he carried around that guilt all those years over something that, in the big picture, really wasn’t a big deal at all. Heck, I threw a Christmas tree in front of my kids, lol!

Right after that, she said, “He said he is done, that’s all he has to say. He said he is only here right now because you called him and he came, but does not want to be called back again. He said he loves you and he is always with you.”

Then she said…”He’s gone.”

Then…the window next to her… popped. Seriously, a loud sound like it had been hit by a flying pebble.

“Wow.” she said. “Did you just hear that? That was a very strong connection. That is how it is supposed to work. Both of you had very strong energy, that was so clear. How do you feel, Crafty Chica?”

I went on the thank her, doing my best to type my words through shaky hands and flowing tears! It all happened so fast, I hadn’t even processed it yet.

People flooded the screen again with comments, this time to say how incredible that was to watch. We all felt the zing. Even so, all the things she told me, I knew already, but it still felt amazing. It was a very special, unexpected gift. Whether you believe or not, it felt very comforting. Maybe she fed off of my energy and my feelings, I don’t know! But it did feel very pure and distinct. I shared the replay with my sister. She is super skeptical of everything, and she didn’t say what she thought. I don’t think she wanted to burst my bubble. I’m always the optimist, she’s the realist.

I have no desire to ever do that again. I watched that lady’s Periscopes a couple times after, but not in a long time since. I’m not sure if I’ll ever tell my mom, she really does not believe in this kind of stuff and I don’t want to make her any more sad about missing my dad. It would have to be the right time and place. But I do believe he is with her, by her side, by all of our sides! This experience helped rethink my emotions. I do believe he was there in that conversation. I’m working hard not to be sad, but instead be happy for his gifts of memories, lessons and stories. This event helped with that even more!

Even through all of this, now that time has passed, the bigger picture is we don’t need psychics to tell us that our loved ones are still with us, or that they loved us. We already know that, right?

What do you think? Have you ever had any experiences like this?

Love & light,