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This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with H&R Block and Latina Bloggers Connect.

I’m giving away $1000!

Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m giving away $1000 this week, thanks to H&R Block and their 1,000 PEOPLE WIN $1,000 EVERY DAY January promotion. The whole idea is to get people excited and prepared for tax season, to replace the fear and dread with education and self-empowerment! The only true way to bring in more money to your life is to be open and honest about every penny that enters and leaves your bank account. Tax season is the time to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb and see how you can improve your financial habits for the coming year.

H&R Block has become the go-to place for tax services, and they know it! They are on their game, ready to help all of us get through tax season without breaking a sweat (hopefully!). They have agents on staff who speak languages aside from English, like Spanish! They have more than 9,000 bilingual tax professionals. In fact, for 2016, they are dedicated to providing guidance on personal finance and sparking curiosity and confidence about taxes to the Latino community far and wide.
I was asked to make a video for this post sharing how I would spend a $1000 on my business! I can’t explain how excited I am to do this. Last year, I entered a similar contest – I had to tweet what I would do with a $1000 for my blog and I said I would use it to transform my son’s former bedroom into a studio for my YouTube videos! With that $1000, I redid the floors, the walls, bought lightboxes, tables, props, tripods and a tabletop light box. It REALLY made a huge difference and helped me up my video game. So it feels wonderful to be able to host a giveaway like this. I have the entry rules at the bottom of this post.

After you watch my video, then do the same! Come up with three specific ways you would spend a $1000 on your business. I think this is wonderful exercise because it forces you to think smart and plan. No impulse spending! Here are my three tips – I actually have a lot more, but I’ll save those for another post!

  1. Know your big picture goal. Before you allocate a single dime, sit down and write out what you want out of your business for the coming year. Then make a list and a budget for each item that supports your end goal. This would be a good time to invest in a financial planner to help you.
  2. Do not pay full retail. Make a list of what you need and research ways you can get it at a discount or even wholesale. I do this a lot with my art supplies. I buy items like my favorite paintbrushes and canvases in bulk on Amazon using my Prime account, or even eBay. It saves me time from going to the store and I get a great price. Also, make use of the coupons or loyalty programs! Half the battle of making money is learning how to spend wisely and save!
  3. If you are a blogger who relies on it as a business, research the ad programs for social media platforms. Pinpoint which platform works the best for you and create an ad campaign to give legs to your content.
  4. Hire help for the small stuff. Of course, we can do it all, but why should we? We only have 24 hours in the day; why spend a portion of that doing entry level tasks? We should be focusing on our big picture tasks that only we can do. Look for a family friend or a volunteer. Barter! Or set a budget that you can afford and present it to see who can work with you.
  5.  Invest in magnet signs for your car – and other promo items, like a stand-up banner! I made these for my business and didn’t realize how much I would be using them! They really come in handy; I use them for all my events!

OK, about this giveaway!

Starting January 16, H&R Block is giving $1,000 to 1,000 people daily to celebrate refund season. The entry period is from January 4, 2016 through February 15, 2016. Daily drawings occur from January 16, 2016 through February 15, 2016. The sooner you enter, the more chances you have to win! Walk in or call 800-HRBLOCK (800-472-5625) to make your tax preparation appointment today. LIMITED TIME OFFER. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. 

Visit the website to find more information about how to win!

To enter here on my site:

Tweet or share this post on Facebook, use the hashtag#MasconHRBLOCK.

Bonus points:

Leave a comment below with the link, your website url, and share how you would use $1000 to for your business.

I’ll randomly draw one entry on Monday, January 25th, 2015 at 11:59 pm. H&R Block asks that the winner share the hashtag #MyGrandPlan on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram telling what they would do with that extra grand.
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Disclaimer: For Official Rules and Alternate Method of Entry, visit the website hrblock.com/grand. Open to legal U.S. residents (50 states + DC & PR) age 18+. Entry Period: 1/4/16–2/15/16. One entry per taxpayer with paid federal tax return. Daily drawings 1/16/16–2/15/16 + final drawing on 2/19/16. 1000 winners per drawing; 32,000 winners total. Total ARV: $32,000,000. Void where prohibited. OBTP#B13696 ©2015 HRB Tax Group, Inc.! HRBlock magnet This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of H&R Block and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

Love & light,

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