marigold tissue flowers

Fall is here and it’s time to crank up craft production to HIGH, like I did with this tissue paper marigolds DIY! I made dozens! Marigolds are a main staple of the season, thanks to Dia de Los Muertos. It’s believed that the scent from these freshly cut flowers lures the spirits from the afterlife back home to their families for a day. But if you are like me, I love to celebrate muertos season all year and to be practical, I end up making my own marigolds. You can buy silk versions at the store, but it’s so much prettier to make your own!

marigold tissue flowers


Tissue paper in orange and yellow

Pipe cleaners


Pens or stamps if desired

I’m going to show you two kinds of flowers to make for fall decorating. You can stick with the marigold theme or use all kinds of bright colored tissue!

FLOWER #1: Fan-folded version.


4 squares of each color. Less for smaller flowers, more layers for larger.


Alternate colors and stack.


If you want, you can draw or use use rubber stamps on the tissue to give them some contrast, or go old school and leave as is.


Fan fold the stack, cut a small notch from each end. I like to cut the ends of the flowers before I fluff them. Cut a “V” or a round them off, or snip to make fringe.


Tie a pipe cleaner around the middle, folds pointing up, twist the pipe cleaner underneath and carefully lift and fluff each layer.


And there you have it! Nice and fluffy!


FLOWER #2: Circle version.


For this one, you cut circles of the tissue, stack and snip two slits in the middle. Then thread through a pipe cleaner, twist and fluff the layer one-by-one. At the bottom of this post, I have a step-by-step pinnable graphic for you!

marigold paper flowers


1. Get a head start on success by using good lighting. If you don’t have a brightly lit area in your house, use a table on your patio. Natural light never fails!

2. Know what the focal point is! What is the message that you want to convey in the photo? You can press on that area on the screen and it will autofocus for you.

3. Keep the area clean. For a craft tutorial, you want to keep things neat so your reader/viewer won’t be distracted by clutter or weird smears, marks, scuffs, etc.

4. Take more than one shot. It’s digital, snap from all different angles, you can always delete what you don’t want. I uploaded all my photos to AT&T Locker, it’s free online storage.

5. For beauty shots, shoot vertical and horizontal. You never know what will look best for a layout!


And, here is that pinnable circle flower graphic!

Marigold paper flower tutorial.

Love & light,