sugar skull nails

Get in the season for Dia de los Muertos with these skull nail tutorials! Nail art kits can be found at the craft store and come with a bright range of colors. Perfect for making upful, happy art for your fingertips!


First are my works, then I included some brilliant ones from around the web! I did my best to include a variety to meet all skill levels! Click on each title for the original source tutorial.



White and black polish

Nail Art Kit

clear top coat

Polish remover

Pencil and paper


1. Wash and dry your hands. Remove all your nail polish.

2. Practice your designs on a piece of paper.

3. Paint the entire surface of the nails white. Let dry.


4. Paint a black rectangle on each side of each nail, this will create a skull.

5. Now go in, color by color and add the features for each face, using the pointed end of the nail art kit bottle.

6. Let dry and add a top coat to sealer it all in.

Variation: You can also paint your nail black, then add bright colors on top.

sugar skull nails


Glow in the Dark Skull Nails



Pretty Floral Skull Nails by Royal Milk Tea



B&W Stamped Skull Nails



Papel Picado Calavera Decals by ChaCha Covers


Dimensional Floral Nails (I couldn’t find the source for this one!)


 Glittered Skull Nails


Micro Detail Skull Portraits


 Watercolor Skull Nails



Rainbow Style Skull Nails

Love & light,