Disclosure: Origami Owl did not ask me to post this, but I loved my experience visiting their headquarters that I really wanted to share. They gave me a locket with charms of my choice, much to my pleasant surprise! I told them about my post and they kindly offered a giveaway of a locket and three charms! See below how to enter!

I’m hosting an Origami Owl giveaway this week! Here’s how it all came to be – Maya and I were invited by the OO marketing team to visit the headquarters. I had no idea what to expect, but I left so inspired! My visit to Origami Owl puts a smile on face in an instant! It’s a female-run business of offering jewelry items to create storyteller lockets – and the cool thing is that through a direct sales program they created, women all over the world launch their own businesses with parties and such. Some do it part-time, other do it full-time. Patrick’s sister has her own Origami Owl business too!

I’m super proud that Origami Owl is based in Chandler, Arizona, yay – my home state! The first thing I noticed is that the building radiates with positive energy. These employees know the power and uplifting meaning behind their product and you can tell they are proud to work for the company. Everywhere throughout the space were signs with motivating messages!


Origami Owl was so nice and sent us home with our very own customized necklace! Here is Maya, putting hers together. We were so overwhelmed with excitement, that we actually had to leave to go get lunch in order to relax and pour over each and every charm! Then we went back with all the items we chose. It really is a fun process!

GIVEAWAY! The kind folks at Origami Owl are offering a free locket and three charms to giveaway on my blog! Scroll down to see how to enter!


They even have a sugar skull!

And a sewing machine!

And a sewing machine!

Of course!

Of course!

Here is mine! You choose a base to fill with the charms, then the top that screws on, the charms and chain. I chose a base that hold a badge so I can use it at all the conferences I attend during the year. The locket has all the items that reflect my brand and personality!


Here are links to learning more about working with Origami Owl – Designer opportunities and how to connect with a Designer, visit origamiowl.com!

Origami Owl careers, in-house

Origami Owl, designer business


Their guiding principles!


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