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These metal stamped charms are all about taking your goals and turning them into wearable art to keep you motivated! You can have fun and stamp in different languages, or whatever you want. Just relay the message! Another idea: Make a whole bunch of empowering words and pass them out to your friends and family. Then everyone can toast to their word!

And about the Spanish – I made these all in Spanish because they don’t sell anything like this at the store. Another reason why I love the concept of DIY!

What got me motivated was that the fine folks at Impress Art sent me a sample of their new Lollipop set of metal stamps!


I really love the case for the set. It has a labeled slot for each stamp so they don’t get jumbled. Really speeds up the process!

OK, here is what you need to make these. Check out Impress Art for all your supplies! They are an awesome company, they sponsored one of the Crafty Chica cruises a while back! Yay!

SUPPLIES for stamped metal charms:

Metal blanks

Metal stamp letter set

Stamp Straight Tape

Metal stamping hammer

Stamping block


Choose what blank you want to use and what word you want to stamp. What I like about the Lollipop set is that the letters are skinny so you can fit a longer word on a smaller blank!


Another way to stretch your area is to tape the blank down to the block and hammer away to make the blank thinner. It spreads.


Stamped Metal Bracelets as promo items

Metal Stamped Milagros

Stamped Pewter Jewelry


OK, choose your blank and use the tape to secure it to the block, next, choose your stamp and line it up against the tape. NOTE: Practice on a scrap piece of metal first. Not gonna lie, it takes a few tries to get it just right. None of my pieces came out A+ perfect, but I’m okay with that, they look very handmade! But the more you work with the stamps, the easier it will be!


Here’s a tip for spacing. First I write my word on paper and find the center letter. Then I stamped the first letter on the left and the last letter on the right. Then the middle letter in the center. Then I’ll fill in with the other letters.


Once you have your word stamped, it’ll look like this.


Now you’re going to use a permanent black marker and color over the indentations, then wipe it all off with a wipie.

TIP: See how on my letters you can see the circle from the stamp around the letter? Well, Margot Potter from ICanMakeMetalStampedJewelery.com told me that this can be prevented when using pewter (like I used). Simply don’t bang the heck out of it like I did. The metal is softer so you don’t have to hit the stamp as hard.


And there you have it, keep going! You can pass them out like this, or…


Turn them into jewelry! Here are the pieces I made! Here are two bead collage keychains! Oh! Keep in mind that this is a LOUD craft, so I wouldn’t do it in the middle of the night or around napping infants or Chihuahuas who frighten easily, LOL!


Besos means “kisses.”


A beaded bracelet. I’m going to restring this though! Chula means “cute.”


This necklace says escritora – which means “writer.”


Necklace charm.


Milagro means “miracle.” I took apart an old necklace and incorporated the pendant I made.


Querida means “my love.” The chain is from Rue Romantique.


Viajera means “traveler.” I can’t believe I found a car milagro in my stash!


This metal stamped charm says Vivir su vida, which means “live your life.” I used a ring blank from Industrial Chic. I painted the base with nail polish.


Thanks for checking out my metal stamped charms tutorial! I hope you are inspired to try metal stamping too! Thank you again to Impress Art for sending me the samples to try!

Love & light,

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