Paint flower pots, and fill with goodies to make colorful gift baskets. By

Paint flower pots, and fill with goodies to make colorful gift baskets. By


In need of creative ideas for your guests or party hosts? These flower pot gift baskets will be a major score! I picked up some plain terra cotta planters from Lowe’s and used the little tubs of Valspar paint samples to give them a cheery makeover. You can use all one size of pots, or mix and match like I did here. As far as what to fill them with, you can use gift cards, tree ornaments, a live tree, candy and more!

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Terra cotta flower pots and matching saucers

Assorted paints

Assorted brushes

Allen + Roth Ornaments

Lemon Cypress Tree (found in the outdoor garden area of Lowe’s, it can be replanted to grow to 100 ft!)

Other small trinkets

Here are the pots I started with. Use a damp sponge to wipe them clean before painting.


I LOVE these Valspar paint samples, they are glossy and the colors are so bright!


Paint the top and bottom a different color. Paint the saucers in contrasting colors as well.


You can keep your flower pots painted solid, or add stripes or other designs. I like very busy patterns, so I added a lot of colors to my largest pot. You can use a lazy Susan to spin your pot while you hold the brush steady.


Once you have the base finished, go ahead and add patterns and designs to the rim of the flower pot. This really makes it come alive!

Here is a tutorial for painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

See how I also painted the saucer to match?


Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Content ideas:

– Coffee-themed basket

– Craft supplies

– Tea

– Facial items

– Nail polishes

– Chocolate or sweets

– Assorted gift cards


Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Painted flower pots by

Thanks for checking out my project!

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