Time to hack those winter jeans into summer shorts! While you’re at it, let’s add a gob of color! Here is my tutorial for DIY rainbow shorts! AND scroll down to see a linky party and a prize pack giveaway too!
How to make rainbow shorts
If you don’t want to take the scissors to your own jeans, you can find cut-offs at the thrift store on the cheap. And of course, stores like Target, Forever 21 or Walmart. Just make sure they are cotton because cotton take the dye best!
Pick up a box of Tulip One-Step Fabric Dye, everything else you need is in there! Well, except a plastic table cover.
Oh wait! There is one more thing! If you can find a tray of some sort, like a baking rack or cookie cooling tray. This will keep your short elevated while you work so the colors won’t run on the other side. Wash your shorts, remove them while they are damp, and set them on a plastic-liner covered table. Fill each of the dye bottles with water and shake until the powder is dissolved. Make sure to read the package directions.
By CraftyChica.com
Once all your bottles are filled, set the shorts on the rack, flatten the shorts the best you can, the less ripples means the less the dye will travel where you don’t want it.
Let’s do this!
Start on one side, if you want a rainbow look:
Light pink
Dark Pink

What else is good about this order is that if the colors run, they’ll all go together!
Keep going across the shorts in your desired pattern. Leave a little space between each color because they will spread.
Flip your shorts over and do the backside too, keeping with the same color pattern. Let them set for six hours, this is how long it takes for the Tulip dye to set. Then wash them in cold water, hang dry.
How to make rainbow shorts by CraftyChica.com
See? Gorgeous, fun summer shorts that go with anything!


Special thanks to my niece, Sarah, for being my supermodel!

How to make rainbow shorts!

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