Have you ever made stained glass jars? It’s super easy! I love jars with different shapes and curves. Not only do they add a sense of beauty to a space, but can also be very functional. I gathered up the empty jars in my house and made a fun collection, yes, even a mason jar too! All you need is some decoupage medium and paint or dye.

Stained glass jars

Pour some medium in a cup and add the color, stir.

Stained glass jars dye method

Pour into the clean, dry jar and swirl around until it is all covered. Store upside on a grid so it can drain.

Stained glass jars draining

Wait until they look clear-ish then you can embellish further if you want.

Stained glass jarsPretty cool, right? If you still have leftover jars – here’s a couple more ideas!

Magic Glitter Jars

Crafty Magic in a Jar!

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