Here is everything you need to know to make a shiny candy tree for the holidays!



Foam Cone, 12″ tall

 LED Light Strand

Two bags of wrapped candies, make sure they have an extended edge

Pompom for the top of the tree

Box of straight pins

Tacky Dots



Start at the bottom of the tree and pin each candy to the foam.


You can go up in a column, or around in a row. Just play around with it and find your groove.


Keep going until your tree looks nice and full! Sometimes you might have to pull some out and rearrange, no biggie. Whatever it takes so it looks nice and appetizing!


Once you’re happy with the look, go ahead and wrap the strand of LED lights around the tree. I LOVE this little light strand. You can hardly see the lights when the strand isn’t turned on, but when you switch it to the ON position, it’s all cheery and happy and sparkly!

Love & light,