15 resin projects

Have you always wanted to try a resin project, but don’t know where to start? I have more than enough ideas! Check out my favorite 15 tutorials for working with resin!

Resin on shrink plastic!

Shrink plastic jewelry

Resin Glittered TV Trays

Resin and glittered TV trays



 Glitter your glassware! Coat the bottom of your glasses with sequins and glitter…forever!


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Resin Buttons. This is a good intro project that uses images and coloring!

Glittered Barstool. Add some sparkle to your home decor!Paint, glue, glitter, resin. Easy!



Ice Age Bracelet. The key to cooling off when it’s too hot is by visualizing and this bracelet will help!



Open Back Bezel. Use duct tape to create a backless resin pendant!


Easy Glitter Ring. Great for getting used to using molds!


Stamped Resin Bracelet. Stamp wood pieces then resin for a picturesque look.


Glittered Resin Snowflakes. Use large silicone molds to make beautiful hanging decorations.


Resin Tile Coasters. Great for gift giving!


Coated Candy Jewelry. This is a sure way to keep away the ants!


Floating Paper Earrings. Create a transparent look with paper!


Chile Pepper Charms. The world is at your fingertips now that you can seal in your favorite pictures and glitter!


Dimensional Shrine Pendants. Instead of trapping designs under resin, how about leaving them sticking out?


Layered Resin Magnets. Little chunks of crafty, glittery heaven!


Make Your Own Silicone Molds!


More ideas!

Glass Glitter Bracelet

Resin covered book

Gold flake Nugget Necklaces

How to make bezels from jump rings

Crushed pepper resin charms

Sacred Heart Collage Necklace

Make your own milagros!

Mexican Calendar Girl Table top


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