Everyone goes majorly loca here in Phoenix when spring arrives. We may not get all the fancy, blooming colors on our trees, but we sure savor the last of beautiful weather before the merciless summer hits. I have an ongoing project for our front patio – I’ve been painting all the accessories, such as the patio chairs, flower pots and vases. Patrick set down a cool pattern of pavers (ok, BRICKS!) and they looked just fine until I went into Lowe’s and found these –

sample paints in all my favorite colors! I just about bought one of each! I knew exactly what to use them on – the pavers! Here is my inspiration – many years ago in our first house, we were renters. We couldn’t do much to makeover the place, but I noticed the front yard had these giant rocks in the flower bed. I, um, painted all of them in cheery hues! I found out just a few months ago that the people now renting the house love the rocks, they are still there – even through all those other renters after us! So I decided to add a bit of that same colorful spirit to our own flower bed in the front porch area!

You can buy bricks or pavers at Lowe’s for super cheap. Sketch your design with a pencil and have fun painting. My suggestion is to map out the design before you start painting so it will have balance in design and color.

Once you’re done with all of them, give them a thick coat of outdoor varnish so they’ll last a long time. I would try not to keep them in direct sunlight or they’ll fade. TIP: Use black Puffy Paint to outline – it will really make your designs POP!

You can see I still have a ways to go, but I love how it’s looking already! Color is magical!


Love & light,