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I’m VERY excited to announce this new eCourse – the topic has been in high demand from not only my blog readers, but also people on FB and in my hometown! Especially at this time of the year. Whether you have a lot of craft items to sell for this holiday season or want to get a jump on your business plans for the New Year, this is a helpful course for you to take!

In this rapid-fire series, I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve used to sell my personal arts and crafts on both small and large scales. I’ve learned that one-size-does not fit all, there are always so many variables to take into account. I have them all stored in my brain and use them from month to month with all my events and activities. I recorded twelve videos, actually 13 because in the first one I give you my history of my crafty retail career.

Patrick and I have been living off of our art in many forms for the past 23 years. From local shops to out-of state boutiques, museum stores, chain stores like Target and Bloomingdales and online outlets like Etsy and Yahoo stores. Did I mention vending?

I’ll go everything I learned that works and doesn’t quite work. I’ll share the most recent info I’ve learned from buyers as I was taking orders and distributing my handpainted mugs this month.

I’ll cover all of what is listed in the flyer posted above. I originally planned to make this an eBook, but based on your feedback and success of my summer eCourses, I decided to make it an exclusive video series that you can watch and takes notes in your own time.

This course is Dec 1-6. You have me at your personal fingertips for a week to grill me! Sure, you can sign up ANY time even after Dec 6th, but the main advantage to being present during the 1-6th is that I’ll be answering your questions, offering valuable feedback and such. Those of you who sign up after, you’ll have access to the videos and content. I leave it all up indefinitely.

I’m only charging $12 for this course because I want to make it affordable to help those of you who want to get your business going.

I’m holding this course at Once you pay, you will receive an invite to this exclusive blog. Two videos will be posted a day from Dec 1-6. You are also welcome to post questions in the comment area of the private blog.

Hope you’ll come join us! Here is where you sign up – NOTE: When you pay, make sure to post the email where you want to receive the blog invite! Very important! Otherwise I’ll use the PayPal or Etsy one.

Love & light,

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