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This week I’m working a BIG project for work, and I decided to get a jump start by spending the weekend prepping. Part of my design involves two mixed media embroidery pieces and I thought I’d share my process.

If you are new to embroidery or not an expert, this is a fun way to still work your needle and thread. The background is a nice distraction to any flaws or wonky stitches. It all just kind of blends together.
The official name is “tinted embroidery” – but I call my style mixed media because I incorporate other elements.

I love this technique because I’m a huge fan of texture and lots of color. I’m the furthest thing away from a minimalist crafter/designer than one could ever be.  I just keep adding layers and layers and layers…okay here we go!

(By the way – if you want the 411 on Embroidery 101, check out my friend, Jenny’s site,!(See video at the end of this post!)

When I was in Mexico on the Crafty Chica Cruise, we went to a local fabric store and they had these embroidery fabric pieces for .10 a piece. I bought the whole stack! I used these as the base for this project.

First step – I used Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye to create a teal and green ombre effect. (I used green and teal)

After I finished the fabric dye process, I used Tulip Fabric Markers to color the flowers and other parts of the design. It’s kind of like cheating because you don’t have to embroider as much to bringout the color. But actually, it’s not cheating at all…it’s just another way to have fun with embroidery!


Psst…here is a video on how to embroider in case you need a refresher!


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