I’ve been slowly transforming my bedroom into something that resembles a Mexi-Boho hotel suite. I don’t have a lot of time, so I have to whip things together pretty fast. I’m loving the results!  Here are the drapes I made!
Video below, but here is how I did it:
Set of storebought cheap drapes
Assorted fabric remnants (scarves, pashminas, bandannasm, fat quarters, etc)
Assorted ribbon and trims
Use the store bought drapes as your template for size. Create strips of panels about 84″ long. Sew them together. Next, sew on the trims, vertically. You can sew them at the top so they dangle, or sew them all down. Sew the collage drapes to the store bought ones along the top so you have double fabric. This is good for blocking out sunlight. Also, sew under the slider tabs for stability.
Hang and enjoy!!!



Love & light,