I bought a Mexican embroidered dress like this in Mexico a couple of years ago, vowing to lose weight so I could wear it in its full glory. However, earlier this month I tried it on and my bootie would not compromise. Instead of hanging the garment back in the closet, I decided to make it work on my own terms!

I set the dress out on a flat surface and cut four-inches off the bottom. I cut that much because I wanted to turn the dress into a blouse with a hem. I cut about 1″ below the embroidered design.

Next, I cut up the side seams, about 12-14″ from the bottom, and then I hemmed and pressed all the raw edges on the slits, as well as the bottom.This made the bottom have two flaps to give my more breathing room (until I lose weight!).

Here is my new blouse that I made from a dress that didn’t fit! I’m ready to by more Mexican embroidered dresses and alter them (not just for me but for chicas of all sizes!).
Here are some other variations I found on Pinterest.com:

Sleeveless and trimmed at the bottom.
Off the shoulder sexy.
Made into a blouse, with an added belt. Nice touch!
The above photo is an earlier version of an altered Mexican embroidered dress that I altered for my book, Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing: Fabu-Low-Sew Projects for the Everyday Crafter. 
I cut above the waist design and added a black cotton/lycra bodice (yes, cut off from another shirt) and sewed ribbon around the seam. This made it more form fitting and flattering because of the curve-hugging bottom portion!


Love & light,