I love it when people read my books and not only blog, but also CRAFT! These are a pair of Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing earrings that blogger Michelle Mach made after reading my novel. You can read her entire review here.

From her blog review page:

Jewelry Inspiration
“I couldn’t resist making some earrings inspired by this book.  I used a mix of flowers, buttons, and a brass thimble and pair of scissors to create these earrings.  I handpainted the buttons with a mix of red and purple and sewed them with embroidery thread to the flowers.  The red is an obvious link to the main character, Scarlet.  The ear wires are niobium, a hypoallergenic material.  While Scarlet may appear flighty, she does have a practical side that I wanted to represent.”

You’ll Enjoy This Book If
“You want a behind-the-scenes look at the sewing/fashion world or the world of a popular craft blogger.  I found the sewing class scenes, the blogs, Scarlett’s repeated mention of her sewing product when meeting a famous actress (that girl can sell!), and the portrayal of the at-any-cost corporate world (sadly) realistic.  I especially enjoyed the duct-tape dress form scene.  Hilarious!”

Thank you, Michelle!


Love & light,

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