People think I’m confident and happy 24/7. I’m here to tell you that my red lipstick is the key to my mojo. It’s my security blanket, right along with blouses that cover my hips and big earrings. It’s silly, don’t you think? I mean, lipstick is just a waxy cosmetic. Superficial. But without it, I feel as bland as an unbreaded, overcooked chicken nugget. Imagine the horror when I realized I lost my one and only lipstick on the first day of the craft convention! Not only that, it was right before my seminar in front of 150 people!

 Luckily I still had residue from my morning application and I made it through. But by the time I got back to the hotel after the convention show ended, I didn’t have any way to hit up a drug store. I tweeted (knowing I’d lose some followers) a distress call for someone to please bring me red lipstick the next day!
The next day came and every time I left my demo station, I’d come back to find lipstick that super nice people left for me. Brown, maroon, nude, sheer pink. They were lovely and I tried all of them, but none of worked. I then inspected the faces of each person in the crowd, I thought if I found someone with red lipstick, I could ask them to cut me off a smidge. Can you believe I couldn’t find ANYONE with red lipstick? Nada! Zilch!
I decided to let go of my dream of a crimson kisser. It was the craft convention and I was demoing glitter fabric paint and glitter iron-on sheets – two big reasons to be happy!
I channeled my nana and thought about what she would say. She would tell me to
act like I had it on anyway and be the life of the party.
That’s exactly what I did! And it was the perfect, magical shade of poppy red. Here I am wearing my fabulous invisible lipstick in some photos!
Suede from Project Runway (I have a video interview with him coming up!)
One of my crafty BFFs, Traci Bautista.
The talented and radiant Lisa Pavelka!
By the end of the day, my dear friend Norma Rapko Vargas came by to see me. RED LIPSTICK! This is what she told me:
“Kathy, Kathy, Kathy! Don’t you know we always have to have TWO tubes of red lipstick? It’s part of our daily lives. We wake up, we put on our red lipstick, we go paint and we move on!”
She totally gets me! I dabbed some on my finger for a touch up and promised her I’d never again leave home without two tubes of the stuff!

Here I am on Day 3. In our iLoveToCreate booth, we debuted this super cool new body art paint and had an artist there demoing. She painted a sacred heart on my cheek. As I admired it in the mirror, a bell went off in my head!

This is the chola stage of my lipstick application. You like?

I asked her to paint my lips! It’s body art paint, right? So she did! As she was working on me, about halfway through, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see all of the executive iLTC team with the CEO of Michaels.

“Kathy, we have someone we want you to meet!” I slowly turned around and watched as they all slightly flinched in surprise.

“Oh! As you can see, Kathy is trying out our new Tulip Body Art paint!” someone said. We all giggled.

Inside, I was thinking “The one time my face is painted like a True Blood groupie, I meet the CEO of Michaels!” Not only that – but later in the day I had an important lunch with some editors. What a day to get my face painted! It all went over well, it was the craft convention, after all!

My lesson learned is that you always have to be prepared to rock with or without our security blanket, whatever it may be. As far as make-up, clothes or jewelry, true beauty comes from within and sometimes we are put to the test to rely on that.

As a reminder, I’m giving all of you a tube of invisible red lipstick. It has the special power to transform into anything you need it to become in order to help you shine, shine, shine!

What is your security blanket? Please share!

Love & light,

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