It’s done!

Last week was the 20th Annual Valle del Sol Profiles of Success Luncheon and awards ceremony – and this was the secret project I had been working on for the past two weeks with the Fridas.

Carlos from Valle called me a couple weeks ago and presented the idea of creating an art gown as the showstopper piece for the event’s fashion show. I’m talking about an audience of almost 2,000 people! Of course I agreed, but called in reinforcements – my craft group, The Phoenix Fridas!

We sketched our idea. And found a pattern to match.
Shopping for fabric.

We sketched it and Anita and I shopped for fabric – 8 yards of Duponi silk, and lining too.

This is when I ombre dyed the silk. It was a challenge dyeing all that fabric on the kitchen counter. i did it late at night when everyone was alseep. There was blue dye everywhere! It looked like a ginormous blueberry exploded! Luckily, no one noticed by the next day. 😛

She cut the pieces and I dyed them, Emily painted them and then 800 crystals were glued on!

Here is Anna, modeling a bracelet that Carmen made for the dress!


Monique, Anna and Anita – three of our Phoenix Fridas!

The dress was auctioned off for over a hundred dollars, we were very happy!

Special thanks to Alyson at iLoveToCreate for donating the dye and crystals to us!

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂
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Love & light,