This week I’m at iLoveToCreate headquarters, and my desk is in the design area. It’s like crafty crack. Everywhere, all around me are designers who alter anything and everything. Today our copy editor, Chloe, came in wearing this gorgeous mutli-colored dress that she made herself, along with Allee, our tie dye expert.

It started as a $22 dress from Target. Chloe explains how they made it using bleach gel and Tulip® One-Step Fashion Dye™. It process is called “discharge dying.”

Tips for bleaching and dying black fabric:

– Not all black fabric will dye the same. Black fabrics come in a variety of bases – red, blue, etc.
– Don’t expect even color after bleaching – some areas will turn rusty, others grey or red.
– Check on it to see how long to leave the bleach, some will change color faster than others. Thinner fabric hasd a chance of breaking, so watch out!
– Go with it! After you bleach, WASH the garment and then add the dye. either by squirting, soaking, spritzing, etc.
– Wash again before wearing.

– TIP: Use the Tulip Fashion Graffiti Paint Cannon to spray your bleach!

Here are some links about discharging fabr

I have way too many black clothing items that could use some spiffing up, I’m excited to try this technique!

Thank you Chloe and Allee!


Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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Love & light,