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I always have a hard time with Easter. I’ve never been into cute chicks and bunnies, and my version of the pastel palette consists of hot pink, banana yellow and neon green. But that doesn’t mean my Easter eggs have to suffer. This year, I’m being bold and teaching my kids a lesson in pop art.

I clicked over to Google images and found some Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and even Keith Haring images. The trick to the eggs is to color them as usual with traditional egg dye kits (I used watercolors) and then apply images printed on water slide decal paper. This is clear paper that has a protective backing that is most used in model car kits. After printing the image, soak it in water and the image separates from the backing. The result is a transparent background.

If you don’t have time to buy the decal paper, you can decoupage the image on the eggs.

Pop Art Decal Eggs

1 package of water slide decal paper (for InkJet printers!)
Hard-boiled eggs
Watercolor paints, brush
Bowl with water
Acrylic paints

Directions: Paint the eggs with the watercolors and let dry. Using the high-resolution setting, print the images on the decal sheet. Cut them out and put in the bowl of water. After a few minutes, the image will separate from the paper backing. Carefully pick up the image and lay it on the painted egg. Use your finger to smooth out bubbles. Let dry. Use other paints or markers to add contrasting polka dots.

TIP: Keep your pictures small so they will lay flat on the egg. There will be crinkles around the edges of the decal because the egg is round, but you can smooth them out by carefully snipping the decal and sealing it down with water.


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