Take all those plastic shopping bags from the store or mall, cut them up and sew them together to make sturdy totes that you can use at the grocery store or food market. Make several of these so you can keep them around for your next grocery run. Nothing fancy here, just the basic recipe. Feel free to adapt to your liking!

About 36 plastic bags
Sewing machine
Canvas tote (to use as pattern)
Flatten the bags into stacks of six. Cut across the top to remove the handle portion. Cut the stacks into strips or squares, and sew up the sides. For a quilted look, sew lines in the center.

Make enough squares or strips until you have enough to piece together a bag that is the same size as the tote, and sew the pieces together. For the handles, cut thinner strips and sew inside the top panel on both sides.

Peace, love, and glitter!
Kathy 🙂

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