Altering photo albums and address books are my latest obsession thanks to Alyson at Duncan. Her mission for me was to create a project using Aleene’s Paper Glaze. Can you imagine all the ideas that popped in my head? I couldn’t pinpoint one, without changing my mind.

All I can say is thank goodness for grocery shopping! There I was at Fry’s Marketplace, loading y cart with milk and other family staples when I cruised through the office supply section. I came across and a display of lonely looking address books. Who buys address books at the grocery store? Right at that moment I had a vision of this boring book tricked out in glitter, pictures and other shiny objects. My life hasn’t been the same since. Not only did I make the above book, I’ve also been whipping out photo albums too (scroll down this blog to see the latest ones).

I think you need to make one too.
Here are the directions from!
Here is the link to buy the images I used from

See how happy I look with it? Ahhh, life is good…

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