Got home early Monday morning and I’m still trying to get back in the swing. The weekend was absolutely amazing, empowering, inspiring, all those corny words. I’m sorry, but they all fit! There were 75 Latina writers, published and “pre-published” (a new term I picked up there). The cultures ranged from Cuban to Puerto Rican, Mexican, Bolivian, Equadorian and more. We all shared stories of how writing has an impact on our lives. Alisa shared all kinds of great memories about her childhood and the jobs she held before she became a novelist. There were juicy panel discussions and one night we went to eat at Bongos (delicious!)

I want to share more and post pictures, but I need to get some more sleep. Just got off a long day at work and my batteries need to be calibrated. Bottom line? Chica Lit Club Fiesta was groundbreaking and I know next year it will be bigger and better. I’m so happy I went this year to experience it on such a personal level, mostly to hang out with Alisa and all the other talented authors who were there.

I’ll post more later!!!

Peace and love,
Kathy 🙂
Author of Crafty Chica’s Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life ($19.95, Rayo Books, an imprint of Harper Collins).

Love & light,