Record album tote

In the early 2000’s (that sounds so weird!), these bags were all the rage. Nowadays people have carried the idea even further by making books, paper sorters, bowls, clutches, and all kinds of other things out of old LPs. I still like this one!


Record album cover

Laminating machine (you can have this done at the print shop)

Chipboard covered with fabric or scrapbook paper)

Hole punch



Clear tubing (I got mine at the pet store)

Mardi Gras beads


DIRECTIONS: You take vintage album covers, laminate them, create side panels, punch holes, insert grommets, and lace it all up together. Feed Mardi Gras beads inside clear tubing (found in the aquarium supply aisle). Use grommets to attach to the bag.

This lovely project is from my book: The Crafty Chica Collection!


Love & light,

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