After seeing my friend Sadie Jo slim down on South Beach and my other amiga Anna lose 50 pounds on Weight Watchers, I feel motivated to give IT a go again.

You know what IT is. I don’t even want to say IT.

I hate starting a new “eating lifestyle” (ie: diet) but I’m not going to get any healthier if I stay like this. The funny thing is that Anna told me she got motivated when she saw me when I had just lost 30 pounds, which was last year. Now I’ve gained 20 of it back and Anna has motivated me. I’m so proud of her and Sadie Jo, they look awesome!!!!

So I’m going to lay off the bad stuff and get my chunky butt back in the gym and lean on the support of Our Lady of Weight Loss, Put Down the Donut and my new best friend

Hungry Girl. I LOVE this web site. It makes being healthy fun and perky. I’ve been a lurker for a while, but I’m ready to actually start putting all that great info to good use.

Check out this article on The Scariest Foods in the World!

Alrighty – here we go again…deep sigh

Love & light,