I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and have been hard at work typing away. When I was in Los Angeles, I had yet another burst of inspiration and have scrapped my previous efforts (well, not all…) and started again from scratch. I’m at 8,000 words and very happy about it. OK, I’m off to go work on it, I’m going to do 2,000 words between 10 pm and 12:30 am each night until it’s done and then I’ll go back over and rearrange and tighten and all that important stuff.

My goal is to have it fully completed by December 10, as a treat to myself for my 40th birthday. Even if this book never sees the light of day (but I know it will!). Anyway, check out the web site, it’s very fun to try. Many people work very hard to hit 50,000 words and get close but don’t make it, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. I feel really confident I’ll get through this because
A. I’m motivated more than the contestants on The Biggest Loser AND
B. I have one of the best editors from my work there to help me with every step of the way.

I want this book to be my last, greatest and grand finale achievement of my 30s. Originally that plan was to lose 50 pounds, but in my pathetic bread-addicted case, writing a novel in one month will be much easier.

Kathy ūüôā

Love & light,

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