I’m headed to Disney Pixar Studios on a Coco press tour this week in San Francisco, so I thought I’d make these Coco inspired sugar skull earrings for the occasion!

Wait, what?

Yes, for reals, guys! The marketing team at Disney selected 26 bloggers to go behind-the-scenes at Pixar Animation Studios and interview the team from Coco, the new film that celebrates Dia de Los Muertos. I just about fell over when I found out I was going!

You know how much I love Dia de Los Muertos, so I’ve been highly anticipating this release. The holiday has become heavily represented in mainstream culture and it’s crucial for the history, meaning, and education to be a part of that. People need to understand it’s not a scary or morbid event, but one that honors the cycle of life and our loved ones who have passed on. I’m happy for this film because I’m expecting it to be top notch and do just that.

While at Pixar, we’ll be able to interview team members from the film and ask questions. I’m making my list – if there are any thoughts or topics you want me to bring up, leave them in the comments. I’ll ask your question on behalf of you!

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In addition to visiting Pixar Animation Studios, we’re also stopping at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

I can’t even explain how excited I am. I’ve been thinking about this trip every night before I go to bed since I received the news.

I actually think I manifested it because when I first heard about the Coco movie, I thought:

“I want to go on the press tour, I want to make ALL THE COCO CRAFTS!”

And here we are!

If you know me, you know my favorite way to burn off anxious energy is to CRAFT! So I whipped up a pair of Coco inspired sugar skull earrings to wear on the trip. I took pictures so you can make them too!

Coco inspired Sugar Skull Earrings Supplies:

Coco inspired sugar skull earrings by Crafty Chica

Shrink plastic (frosted)

Collage sheet of Coco images (Click here for coco-pattern)

Permanent markers (important!)


Hole punch

Earring findings: Jump rings, earrings hooks, needle nose pliers

Beads (optional)

Toaster oven, oven or heat gun

Here’s a video for my Snow White Shrink Plastic Earrings!

Coco inspired Sugar Skull Earrings Directions

Coco inspired sugar skull earrings by Crafty Chica

Place the collage sheet under the sheet of shrink plastic, frosted side up. Trace and color the designs using the permanent markers. Do not use “blendable” markers because they will smear.

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Cut out the shapes and punch a hole at the top, and at the bottom to hang the extra pieces.

Follow the package directions to shrink in the oven. I place my pieces on a brown paper bag and heat in the oven for five-six minutes until they curl up and flatten out. Watch my Snow White video above to see it in action.

Coco inspired sugar skull earrings by Crafty Chica

After they are shrunk, connect all the jewelry findings.

They came out sooo cute! The pieces at the bottom dangle and give some fluidity to the overall look. I added a red heart at the bottom to match the nose.

Keep in mind that because these shrink, the colors will become very concentrated. My light blue turned to a teal, but that’s ok, they still look great!

What do you think? Are you excited for Coco? The movie releases nationwide in theaters on November 22, 2017.

Love & light,

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