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We have five Chihuahuas and I’m not gonna lie, we spoil them like crazy. This is the latest indulgence. We turned a nightstand into a paw-friendly casita! The trouble though, is that it only holds one Chihuahua, so now all our other perritos bark-argue over who sits inside. Looks like we will need a bigger nightstand!

Before I get to the tutorial and a fabulous sweepstakes opportunity, let me share the inspiration! It’s from Purina Dog Chow! Several bloggers were invited to create a tutorial in honor of our dogs. It goes along with the fact that these little animals are considered family members and we’re always excited to show them love. From making their lives comfy and rockstar-ish to keeping their bellies full. A big part of the pampering process for our Chihuahuas is to make sure we feed them food they love. Meals that will help keep them healthy and happy through all stages of their lives.


That’s why we serve them the Purina Small Dog variety. First of all, our dogs are so finicky, they turn their noses up so easily. They love this dog chow and nibble on it all day. I’m cool with that because I know Purina has 90 years of proven nutrition, it’s easily digestible, it has all the protein Ozzy, Bianca, Bootsie, Captain Kirk and Punky need to build strong muscles (for jumping and playing!) – and it’s made in the USA!


Purina actually has new packaging to relay that exact message! Here is a picture of Bianca, chowing down!


Let me show you how we made this bed: First, you want a sturdy nightstand that isn’t too high off the ground and has room enough for puppy lounging.




Tools, hammer, screwdriver

Placemats, fabric glue

Serapes, decorations

Directions: Use the tools to remove the inside of the nightstand after you remove the drawers (you can use those as shadow boxes later!). Clean out so it is dust-free. Cut some cardboard to fit inside and use the fabric spray to coat them and cover with fabric or placemats. Hot glue inside the nightstand. Let everything dry and cool and then insert a pillow inside.


Use hot glue to add curtains and letters. You can spell out their name or whatever word you want. Patrick called this Chi-Town. LOL!

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Punky is our biggest dog, he is part bulldog, mostly Chihuahua. He is totally the alpha male of the familia and as soon as we set up the bed, he rushed over to inspect it, and as you can see, Bootsie was close behind. As soon as Punky turned around, Bootsie jumped in and stayed there.


We love all thing Mexi-style, but you can adapt this tutorial for your dog anyway that fits your dog’s personality.
Purina is giving away five years long supply of Dog Chow from Target! Enter for your chance to win one of these fabulous prizes for you and your furry best friend!


To read other bloggers’ stories about their dogs, check out the social handles for Purina Dog Chow! #ThrowItBarkDogChow

If your dogs love Purina, check out this sweepstakes going on!
Purina #ThrowBarkDogChow

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