Plaster-dipped flowers is a project I’ve been wanting to try and am so excited to have finally went there! It’s very addicting because the results are simply amazing! The texture and possibilities are endless! Check out my video for the full tutorial. But here are the tips I really want to stress:

1. The box directions for Plaster of Paris say to use 2 parts plaster to one-part water. I found you need a little bit more water, other wise the mixture is too dry and clumpy. You may have to dip your flowers twice, but it is worth it to get a cleaner, smoother look.

2. Just use dollar store silk flowers.

3. If you want to glue something in the center of your flowers, make sure to remove the plastic things in between each layer.

4. Work on wax paper.

5. You will have some fails, but that is ok, they are dollar store flowers!

6. Plaster sets in a few minutes – make sure to have everything prepped before you mix.

flower1.jpg flower2.png IMG_0248 flowerpurple.jpg Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 8.45.36 AM

Love & light,

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