I’ve been needing to organize my yarn habit for a while now. I had two tubs, an ottoman and two tote bag stuffed with skeins. At first I thought I’d just crochet it all away, but I realized that the more I crochet, the yarn I buy! So when I found out that our Lowe’s Creative Influencer assignment for January was home organization, I knew exactly what to do!



See? Here is just part of my stash!


We went to Lowe’s and came across this study multi-purpose cabinet that was just the right size for what I needed.


First we decided where we wanted the cabinet to go inside my design studio, and used a stud finder to locate the wood beams inside the wall. That way we could install a brace to anchor the cabinet to the wall so it wouldn’t topple over. We marked it off and then built the cabinet according to the package directions.


I painted the inside and let it dry.



I then painted the outside – make sure to sand it down first so the paint will grip! I then put in all my yarn. It’s not perfect, I still need to organize it more, but it is way better than it was!



I added some Aleene’s Tacky Glue and wrapped the handle with yarn. As far as the chalkboard paint, that is a tutorial I have coming up next month!



I used the top three shelves for loose yarn and the bottom shelf, I used for smaller balls, sari yarn and sparkle yarn! My life feels so much more complete now that my yarn is sorted by color! I’m curious – how do you keep your yarn organized? My next quest will be to tackle paper and fabric. Yikes!

Thank you to Lowe’s for the opportunity to make this project and share it with all of you!




Love & light,

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