I love October! It means holiday season is in full swing and lots of crafting is ahead! My big kick-off was a when I led a Dia de los Muertos shrine-making class for a group of Latina bloggers (more on that coming up!). I posted pictures of the process on Instagram and had a lot of people write to ask me about how to make the wood bases.  I designed the bases and had my son’s godfather make them – he is an awesome woodworker!



To make these wood bases for your Dia de los Muertos shrines, visit your local Lowes Home Improvement Store.


You’ll need to cut these pieces of wood:

Base: 1-1/2″ thick (it comes this size); 7×3″ in size.

TOP: Two pieces: 8″ tall and 5″ across, 3/4″ thick.

Other supplies:


Valspar house paint samples, 8 ounce jars in assorted colors


White craft glue


Photo for the center

Sugar skulls and other decorations for embellishing

Directions: On one of the 8″ tall pieces, you’ll need a jigsaw to cut out an oval shape. Now glue the two piece together, and then glue that portion to the base block. Let dry until fully cured.



Paint all sides of the wood shrine base and let dry. While it’s drying, choose some colorful paper to line the edges with, it will make your design pop! Tear off a skinny strip of the paper, enough to go around the edges.



Add a line of glue around the edges and press the paper in place.



You can also add aline of glue along the other edges and pour glitter to add sparkly trim.


Next, you can use puffy paint to add other designs. I like to draw with the puffy paint and then pour on glitter! Continue adding embellishments!

shrinesquare shrineswrite




Here are a couple others I made:




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