I’m a techie, a sketcher, a journaler, a crochet fiend, and a reader. And I move around a lot. One day I’m at the coffeehouse, another time on the back patio. I needed a caddy to hold my creative accessory-of-the-moment. Especially for those times when I meet with a group and table space is limited, it’s nice to not have to reach to the floor for your bag.

Say hello to my new friend – a caddy-to-go! It’s slim and thin and super easy to take with you when you need an extra pocket. I wanted something durable and strong, so I went with upholstery fabric.

Don't you just love this print?

Don’t you just love this print?

Supplies: 2 pieces of fabric, 28″x12″, 2 pieces of fabric, 12×12″, sewing machine, pins, thread, pinking shears.

Optional: Tulip Glitter Bond and Tulip Fashion Glitter and Tulip 3D Fashion Paint


Sew a rolled hem on one end of each of the 12×12 pieces, these are the pockets. Now pin one to the front side of each of the 28×12″ piece of fabric. You’ll then have two panels, which will be the front and back of the caddy.


It should look like this when you are done sewing a pocket to each panel. With the right sides facing in, sew up the sides and bottom panel.


Turn the piece inside out – so the right sides are now facing out. Fold in the top raw edges of the caddy, pin and sew across the top. Now sew all along each side of the caddy.


Turn the caddy over, so the pockets are facing outward. You’ll want to create “grips” so you caddy won’t slip and slide on the arm of a chair. I used Tulip 3D Fashion Paint, Puffy Paint will do too! Let dry.


If you’re feeling sparkly, you can glitter the flower and add a gem or two!


Here is my new caddy on the Adirondack chair on the front porch.


And here it is in my art studio (pardon the dust). I love it because I can take it everywhere and have that little bit of extra storage!

Love & light,

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