I was stuck in the car for about an hour waiting for Maya to finish up her class and when my audiobook didn’t load on my iPhone, I decided to use the time to add new friends on Facebook. You know, people I’ve met recently and said I’d add them? I didn’t have my reading glasses, but I could still pretty much make out the screen just fine, I’m not that blind! Or so I thought…

My chubby fingers were tapping along the tiny spaces on the touchscreen, going just fine. I typed in the first name of a girl I wanted to add, I see her name pop up and I click the ADD button. But I got this icky feeling in my gut. “No way.” I thought. “That was NOT who I thought it was…what are the odds she would have the SAME name…no way.”

I took a deep breath, said a quick prayer, took a closer look and realized the person I just sent a friend request to was…


Oh lord, I am cringing right now as I type this. This is the boy who broke Maya’s heart and I just sent a friend request to the girl he allegedly flirted with during the end days of the romance.

Mind you, I had no idea how she ended up on my FB list, I didn’t want to know. I only vaguely recalled her name because Maya had mentioned her a few months back and I remembered thinking “that’s a hecka lotta syllables.” Anyway, perhaps I was just being paranoid. I tend to do that. Could I have really had done something so stupid?

HOWEVER – there I was sitting in the car holding a humungous bowl of an awkward salad. I nervously fumbled with my phone – not trusting my own fingers to verify, much less rectify, the problem. I called home for DeAngelo to double check on the desktop computer. He confirmed my worst fear – that I did, indeed, send a friend request to this girl. I cussed a few times and ordered him to please swiftly cancel the request. He did, laughed “Only you, Mom, only you!”

Next dilemma? Should I tell Maya? She would just D.I.E., right? I called my friend Lizzy for advice. I was practically hyperventilating.

Her response?


“But…” I pleaded, “It was an innocent mistake, I’m blind… and have fat fingers, how was I to know…”

“DENY and IGNORE, I tell you!” Lizzy repeated.

I did end up telling Maya, I can’t deny or ignore anything with my kids. We’re tight. I had to fess up and take my blows. Honestly, I didn’t care if I looked cray cray bananas to her ex, been there, done that – but I didn’t want Maya to take the rap. She’s cool, not loca like her mama.

“Give me your phone,” Maya sighed upon hearing my confession.

I sheepishly handed it over. She made a few quick taps and handed it back. “There. I blocked her from your account so it will never happen again.”

“Are you pissed at me, I’m so sorry, it was a freak accident!”

“No, not at all, it’s actually pretty funny,” she said.

“But what if he writes you an angry letter asking Why is your weirdo mother trying to add my girlfriend?

Maya laughed and waved her hand to dismiss the thought. “It’s no biggie. I could care less what he thinks.”

Dang. Isn’t she awesome? (I think it also helps that she met someone new…)

Later in the day, I saw DeAngelo reading a text on his phone and chuckling. A flirty kind of chuckle. My heart raced for him.

“Oooh, who’s that? A girl? What’s her name?” I cooed.

He quickly slipped his phone in his pocket. Far, far, far out of my sight.

“No one! Absolutely nothing for you to be concerned with!” he said with a smile.

Guess he knows better!

NOTE: For the record: Maya had searched up this girl on my phone on my account which is how she popped up, so it wasn’t totally my fault!

Love & light,

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