The Help is an internationally best-selling novel that takes place in the South during the civil rights era. The story is rich with drama, love and controversy, which is why it was made into a motion picture. I loved the book and the movie as well. Now that it is on OnDemand, I’ve watched it twice more. And ooooh, that pie scene. It inspired me to paint a ceramic dish, 60s style! Here is how you can make one too!

Visit your local ceramic/paint on pottery shop to get the pie plate and paints. Here is what I used:


C1 CN 074 Really Red
C1 CN 253 Dark Black
C1 CN 262 Bright Grape
C1 CN 302 Bright Caribbean
C1 CN 362 Ivory




C1 Wavy Ware Pie Dish 11.25″ x 11.25″ x 2″




C1 SB 802 No. 1 Liner
C1 SB 803 No. 4 Liner
C1 SB 806 No. 6 Round
C1 SB 807 No. 6 Fan Glaze



  • Miscellaneous

    •   Foil or foam plate for palette
    •   Potter’s sponge
    •   Graphite paper
    •   Pencil
    •   Container for water
    •   Pattern


    1.Use Fan Glaze brush to paint two coats Ivory to the entire dish. Let dry after each coat.

    2.Place graphite paper on dish with pattern on top. Using pencil, trace over pattern design to transfer to dish.

    3.Using No. 6 Round, paint three coats Really Red in roses. Let dry after each coat.

    4.Use No. 4 Liner to paint three coats Bright Caribbean on leaves. Let dry after each coat.

    5.Use No. 1 Liner to add Black accents to leaves. Let dry.

    6.Use No. 6 Round to paint Bright Grape foliage on opposite side of bottom of pie plate.

    7.Use No. 1 Liner to add Really Red dots as shown. Refer to photo. Let dry.

    8.Use No. 1 Liner to paint Bright Caribbean flowers with Black centers on rim of dish. Let dry.

    9.Use No. 4 Round to add three coats of Really Red swoops between flowers on rim. Let dry after each coat.

    10.Use No. 4 Round to add one coat of Bright Grape swoops beneath Really Red swoops between flowers. Let dry.

    11.Use sponge to carefully apply one coat Pure Brilliance® over entire front and back of dish. Let dry.

    12.Use Fan Glaze brush to apply second coat Pure Brilliance over entire dish. Let dry.

    13.Stilt in kiln and fire at witness cone 06.



Love & light,

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